Friday, November 18, 2011

My Hero

After getting Short, my middle schooler, out the door and on the bus at a ridiculous 6:45am, about one two three of five school days per week, I go back to bed.  Today was one of those days.

Then, when Mister got back up at 8:00 to wake Shorter for school, I not only didn't get up too, but I fell back to sleep. Darn cat keeps my feet too warm and snuggly.

At 8:35, Shorter calls from my bedroom doorway, "Bye mom! Have a good day."

My heart melts.

"Bye Baby! You have a good day too!" I call back.

That boy never leaves for school without saying goodbye to me. Ever. And he always wishes me a good day.

When he comes through the door in the afternoon, I ask, "How was you're day?" His reply is ALWAYS, "Awesome!"

I just went to the first round of parent teacher conferences for the fourth grade, and consistently his teachers raved at how he's such a kind, happy, loving child. "And he's always in such a good mood," they said.

And at night, when I go tuck him in, he ALWAYS has a good squeeze and a kiss waiting for me.

He has his tantrums. He cops an attitude. He can be very disagreeable and resistant to EVERYTHING sometimes. He is, after all, nine years old.

But I stand back, and look at this kid and think, "Wow! How on Earth did we manage to do that?"

This kid is truly somethin'.


  1. He's pretty cute.

    Funny, you copied me on super hero kids images. ;)

  2. Copy Shmopy... That was really weird.