Monday, November 28, 2011


No matter how close to the ground it is, and no matter how gently you drop it, a roaster full of two day old turkey carcass WILL splash back up at you and leave you wishing your face was dry and that you'd gotten your sock damp by stepping out onto the step.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Luckily I wrote the above a few days ago when it happened, otherwise this entire post would just be depressing.


Once, a couple years ago, there was a pig farm, here in Ohio, being shut down, and taken to court over animal cruelty charges.  They of course had plead not guilty.

As I was watching the update on the news while getting dressed for the day, they suddenly, with no warning at all, played a piece of an undercover video taken of these men brutally abusing these animals and their babies.

You cannot un-see that. The video they showed that day still haunts me.


The other day I came across this video that someone posted on facebook, that I ASSUME (because given the headline and the frozen image on the video, I KNEW I couldn't handle it, and skipped it) shows 4 US soldiers, over seas, beating a sheep to death, for FUN, with baseball bats.

I say for fun because people commented that they couldn't believe the men were laughing and joking as they did it.

I didn't even watch that video, and still... it is with me now.


This morning, I'm scrolling down through all the new items in my Reader, pausing to read some and share them, skipping other things.

I come to a headline

Abattoir Shut Amid Animal Cruelty Claims

The picture next to it is of a man, arm extended, clearly mid-swing, and a large pig cowering away from the incoming fist.


How can people be so cruel? What possesses the mind of a human being as they viciously attack peaceful, defenseless, living, breathing, feeling, victims?

I shudder at the inner pain and sadness they must feel to commit such heinousness . I cringe at the thought of being so far separated from one's true self, that you don't even recognize that God resides behind the eyes of the Life you're bent on destroying.

It saddens me to a depth that I cannot articulate with mere words, but still it is forever etched upon my soul. My tears cannot wash it away, but with time, I hope they dull the sharp edges.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Today, I pray for the kindness. I pray for the humanity in each of us to shine through. I pray for the releasing of pain and shadows, and the embracing of the love and light that we inherently are.

May we all be able to see ourselves, and see God behind all the eyes that look back at us, and treat all those beings with kindness, respect, dignity, and love.


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