Friday, December 9, 2011

Bambi, Hovercats, and Snow...

They're calling for some snow tonight. This weather is so strange. Here we are, December 9th, and out here in the snow belt of NE Ohio, we've had ONE snow this season.

A couple weeks ago, we got like three inches. They didn't get anything by the lake. It was gone by the following night.

Very strange, indeed.

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The dogs were goin' nuts all of a sudden, this morning, and started running back and forth from the sun room to the front door.

Must be a critter in the yard. I got up to look.

Sure enough, there was a young doe grazing at the edge of the yard. Abby and Bandit only want to run outside and bark at her. They'll only scare her away.

Are they still hunting out there?

I closed the door so they couldn't look at her anymore, and would calm down. She can stay and eat where no one will shoot at her.

Everyone should have a safe space in life.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

There's a total lunar eclipse in the early hours of the morning, tomorrow(Saturday December 10). They say it will be best seen from the western United States (eyeballs the Uncle).

I'm going to watch it live online from 7-10am EST here~

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