Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Happenings & Post Holiday Laziness

Well, I had been dreaming of a white Christmas, but that was apparently just not in the cards.  Then again, it's good to know that the roads are clear and dry for all the traveling people.


We had our traditional, holiday feast of ham and carrots (roasted in beer), whipped potatoes with lots of REAL butter covered in ham gravy (food of the Gods, my friends!), candied yams with a ridiculous amount of mini marshmallows on top, Grandma's Calico Beans (fancy, meaty baked beans, homemade!), and buttery crescent rolls.

A dieter's nightmare, to be sure.


Everyone was fairly modest in their spending, which is good.  That's SO not the point of the holiday.

I made my mother a coupon booklet with coupons redeemable for back and foot massages.  Corny, I know.  But, yunno what?  I give amazing massages, and I enjoy doing it.  Mom has tight shoulders all the time that often result in headaches, and she has flat feet, so they're always sore.

All three of us kids were constantly bribed to rub her feet and shoulders when we were living at home.  So it IS actually something she WILL enjoy, and it gives me face time.  I can stop over, and sit and chat, and spend time.

Over the years and distance, Mom and I have drifted.
I want time.


My D-Brother announced that he and his girl will be getting married next week.  They're so cute together.  Her belly is a tiny bit bigger every time I see her, and she has that happy, pregnant glow about her.

I'm positive the D-Brother will be a wonderful husband, and I'm looking forward to gaining a K-Sister :)


I miss J-Brother.  He's been off, living in North Carolina for about nine months now, I guess.  He's witty and sarcastic and when he and D-Brother and I all get together, it's always non-stop laughs.

We still all had a really fun time together, and did a LOT of laughing... but J-Brother's presence was definitely missed.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I called Mister off work this morning.

Everyone else gets a paid holiday today because Christmas fell on a Sunday.  These same people will get off NEXT Monday as a paid holiday for New Years Day, because it will also fall on a Sunday.

Mister's boss is painfully cheap, and refuses holiday pay if the holiday lands on a weekend.  That's fine.  He's got like four sick days left, and five days in which to use them.

We'll see how Cheapo likes that :)


Today's been a slow, pajama wearing, table tennis and video game playing, pie and cookie eating kind of day.  None of us are dressed, and that's just the way we like it.

Mister bought me a telescope.
Coolest.  Gift.  Ever.

He said... "Ya always get kitchen stuff, and clothes, and stuff you can USE.  And I know that you really do like, and appreciate those things (which I totally DO), but  I really wanted you to have something that was just... FOR YOU... for once.  And I remembered you sayin months ago that you wished ya had a telescope.  And I know you're always out back, looking at the moon and stars through binoculars... So... this is your gift this year."

Isn't that just about the sweetest damn thing ya ever heard?!

I was so disappointed last night when the thick cloud cover persisted, and I couldn't get a look at the stars.  I was REALLY looking forward to it.

Today, however, I spotted a jet flying by, and managed to get a lock on it.  I could actually SEE the windows on it.  Incredible.  AND, I was looking through my WEAKEST lens!

Coolest.  Gift.  Ever.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I hope you all had a wonderfully blessed holiday.  I know I sure did.

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