Thursday, December 1, 2011

Internet Pet Peeve Edition

I am annoyed by adorable and/or funny pictures of animals, ruined by  purposely misspelled CRAP the animals are implied to be saying. It'd be so much funnier if I didn't have to decipher the baby talk BS to read the joke.

Like this:

Or this:


See, much funnier...

Or even....

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Your kid isn't disrespectful, and rude because you didn't spank him. Your kid is disrespectful, and rude because you didn't teach him to respect himself or others.

A good, honest, true example is the best thing you could ever hit your kid with.

Spanking is punishing the crime. I think time is better spent in teaching by living the law.

There's exceptions to every rule... I'm just sayin'... this is the philosophy I strive to live by... and so far, it works.

I'm tired of the facebook posts about how people were beat as kids and therefore respected their parents. Repost this if you think your kids should be beaten too.

Okay, so those aren't the exact words, but you get the point, and if you HAVE a facebook account, you know exactly what "chain post" I'm talking about.

And don't tell me it's in the Bible unless you can name any other thing that is also in the Bible and its location without the help of Google. You can't play a Bible card only when it's convenient for you to do so.

So that's my stance. Swats for direction until about age 4. After that, ya shouldn't have your hands or any form of weapon against the ass of your kid. I'm not a scream and stomp my feet about it kind of person... but I'm entitled to my opinion and way of living...

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I also keep seeing this posted on facebook, and everywhere else all of a sudden...

Which is a story about a man who tattooed a steaming pile of poo on his girlfriend's back after finding out she'd cheated on him. They'd agreed on a scene from Narnia, but he was seeking revenge.

First of all, this is a made up, BS story, and it hurts my brain to think that there's people out there who NEVER check the source of their links and stuff.

Second of all...

I have gotten a very disturbing glance at the harsh hatred that lives inside of so many people as this picture and story has been passed around this week. I've seen comments ranging from "Revenge is great!" to "Bitch deserved it!" and that's left me thinking only one thing....

I hope that none of you have ever made a mistake, or done anything to regret in your life. And if you have, I pray that the people around you aren't pulling for permanent scarification to teach you a lesson.

I think we would all have had something tremendously horrible tattooed on us by the ones we've hurt, and probably before we were even 25. And if you think you've never hurt anyone, you're lying to yourself.

Some people don't believe in karma. I do. I don't believe we go from lifetime to lifetime dragging around past wrongs and baggage, but I do believe that wishing such swift and evil punishment on another person sets you up for some compassionless judgement of your own.

May your accusers be kinder than you have been.

So, off I go to browse facebook and see these lovely pet peeves for the 30th time this week. I wish that when the "repost this" posts came through, they weren't actually reposted by so many people. It makes wading through the garbage so tiring.

Have a great, pet peeve free day, everyone.

PS. If you watch Jersey Shore, please don't ever read my blog again. Thank you.

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