Monday, December 19, 2011


I've been up since about 3:00 this morning.  Why?  I dunno.  I sometimes just wake up in the night, and am unable to get back to sleep.

I was having the strangest dream when I awoke.

This guy that I used to be friends with...  back another lifetime ago...  He just showed up and was all...  Oh by the way, we're married now.

I don't have a bad history with this guy.  He wasn't crazy, or abusive, or any other thing that would drive a person away.  I was just way more into him than he was me.  I'd have done backwards somersaults if he'd asked, and I maintained those feelings during our five year "friendship." And you can take those quotation marks however you want to.

And I'm dreaming, so of course I'm like... Oh, we are?  Huh.  And you want me to leave with you?  Well, that certainly seems reasonable.  Just let me grab my coat.

Then we went wherever we went.  The details are fuzzy.  But a little while later, I actually started to question the reasoning behind what was happening.

Now, I've had a couple experiences where I just suddenly became completely lucid in a dream.  Not many though. I don't ever remember trying to reason out dream details, and that's what makes this so interesting to me.  It also makes me wonder how I DIDN'T realize I was dreaming.

I thought... Wait a minute... I'm already married.  How can we be married, if I already have a husband.  We had to both be present when we got our marriage license.  I didn't go get a license with this guy.  I don't remember the ceremony.  There'd have HAD to have been SOME sort of ceremony!

And just as I reached the conclusion that I could NOT be married to this guy... I woke up.

Damn it!  I didn't even get to say it!

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