Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Headlines & Links

For a complete list of today's Headlines & Links, click on over to here. Below is what I felt are the most important highlights.

Dead blackbirds fall again in Ark. town where thousands fell from sky last year 

Three beached whales discovered on Irish coast over holidays

Myth busted: Yes, the NDAA does apply to Americans, and here's the text that says so

Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Strikes Japan’s Izu Islands On New Year’s Day

12/31/2011 — Allentown Pennsylvania — center of town is SINKING

Wednesday early morning.

2012 has first meteor shower


  1. love the new blog! that is sooo umm freakin wrong about the birds! blunt trauma is what they are saying caused it.. hahaha! also feel sorry for the folks in Allentown.. have no clue! sheshh!

  2. Thanks Patti!

    Yeah... blunt trauma happens when you fall out of the sky and hit the ground... lol

    They're probably fracking in Allentown. I know fracking is the cause of the 4.0 quake we just had in Youngstown,Ohio.

    Glad you came along :)