Sunday, January 15, 2012

Headlines & Links

For a complete list of today's Headlines & Links, click on over to here. Below is what I felt are the most important highlights.

Are US Presidential Elections really Rigged?

Um... duh.

WHAT?! A candidate for president who's rich, greedy, lying, cheating, and secretive?! I don't believe it! That couldn't happen in America....

Mitt Romney avoids US tax by using Offshore bank accounts [His Networth 1/4BILLION]

Chemtrails Validated on History Channel

I am astounded that so many people still fail to see this. I saw it before I ever started watching Alex Jones. I know he's a bit of a "radical" and that rubs some people the wrong way. I find him to be painfully honest, and everything I've ever looked into that he'd said, I was able to verify.

The government isn't even hiding this shit from us! All the information is available. They're just counting on all of us being absorbed in football and American Idol, and not ask questions.

Slow Kill Holocaust: Proof the Government is Killing You

It is openly admitted that Barry nobama was born in Kenya. He may possibly be the only black person in America who is ACTUALLY African-American.

He should've been impeached when it was discovered that he lied about his place of birth, but instead we're gonna let him run for a second term?! Are you kidding me!?

Georgia has the right idea in my humble opinion.

President Obama removed from Georgia ballot in 2012?

Fish rain bewilders residents in Philippines

The added chemicals on clothing is insane. It serves no logical purpose. As if all the colors and dyes aren't enough toxins.

Whenever new clothes come into our home, they immediately hit the washing machine. Not only that, but they get washed in HOT water, after they soak in it for a bit, and THEN they get run back through a second time. I've washed things a third time before, but usually twice is enough to stop turning the water black.

I bought a new top last spring. It was a tube top type of shirt, and I bought it to sun my shoulders when I water the garden. I tried it on when I got home to ensure it fit, and once I had it on, I thought... what the heck(!)... and went outside to water the garden.

For the next WEEK my skin was SOOOO irritated. I itched so bad. There was no rash or any kind of discoloration on my skin, just this massive irritation that kept me scratching. The kind of itch where you could draw blood and not care one bit.

It makes me sad to know that there's people who never wash their kids' new school clothes, and just let them wear them, as is. Some will even press the chemical laden fabric to their faces, inhaling deeply to exclaim... "AAhhhh! New clothes smell!!"

As if formaldehyde is the latest rage in scents.

Oh yeah! Formaldehyde!

And speaking of formaldehyde, did you know the number one killer of funeral directors and medical examiners/coroners is brain tumors? And that said brain tumors are KNOWN to be caused by formaldehyde?

Yet it is in your clothes, bedding, furniture, carpeting, shampoo, conditioner, soap, detergents, chemical cleaners...

Yunno that yummy "new car smell?" Yup. Formaldehyde.

Are Your Clothes Making You Sick?

It's terrifying how a little cash placed in the right pockets leaves us bathed in chemicals that are killing us slowly, and the people who are supposed to be protecting us (the FDA and USDA) all own stock in these crooked companies, and get richer, and richer as we get sicker, and sicker.

We send them the vaccines out of the goodness of our American hearts. I reckon this is what they actually meant by killing them with kindness....

78 percent of Pakistani children with polio were given polio vaccines

It's disgusting that no one is talking about this. No one knows. And when you tell them, they roll their eyes at you.

Plutonium From Fukushima Has Now Circled The Planet

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