Monday, January 9, 2012

Just a Quick Rant

It pisses me off that they call gym class, PE... AKA Physical Education.

Gym class has nothing to do with physical education.  Those kids don't know anything about their own bodies, or how to properly maintain them.

Taking twenty five kids, and playing tag with them for half an hour, once a week has nothing to do with any sort of education.

I was watching this documentary a few months ago, and they found that the average kid in elementary school couldn't identify a tomato.


I fed Short's friend, D, asparagus.  He didn't know what it was.  Actually asked me, "What is that long thing?"


But now... D was over here December thirtieth, for Short's birthday, and actually asked Short if he could ask me to make asparagus again the next time he's over.


Did you know that

Sorry, I typed the above and walked away for two hours.  Now I don't know, either.


Oh! I remember now! Twenty minutes later. **giggle

Did you know that our government has declared french fries, vegetables?  That's got to be one of the STUPIDEST things I've ever heard in my life.

My kids go to school, and are fed pizza, and french fries.

Processed, dehydrated, re-hydrated, reconstituted, genetically modified, chemically preserved, frozen potato pieces are NOT vegetables.

I don't even think a POTATO counts as a vegetable.  It's a starch.  I would definitely classify it in with grains.

I would classify it as a grain, but I would count it as superior.  To be eaten in place of, if possible.


Because bread is also "fake food" generally, and goes through a huge amount of processing.  A potato is a potato.  It grows in the ground; you pop it out, and eat it.

It is nature.

THIS is physical education.  THIS is the knowledge kids should have about their bodies, and the maintenance thereof.


Teaching kids the rules to every sport is not physical education.

Sure, my kids know what a foul line is.  Whoopty-Do.

That's not gonna keep them healthy, and give them an understanding of why exercise is important, and what it does for you in terms of not only your physical well being, but your mental and emotional well being as well.

All these kids are learning in physical education is how to be a mindless football / basketball / baseball drone who is hardcore competitive, and aggressive.

That may seem a bit extreme to some people, but I have had the opportunity to participate in elementary gym class.  I used to do gym with Short's AND Shorter's classes at school, every week.

And I'm not dogging sports.  I'm not a fan, but some are.  Whatever.  I'm not saying sports knowledge is a bad thing.  I AM saying it shouldn't be taught to kids in place of actually teaching them about their bodies.


I don't think the state or federal government should be allowed to mandate what kids should be taught in school.

Their little heads get filled with the most useless information.  And it's garbage they're NEVER going to remember, or need to remember.  I know because I don't remember any of it... and I'm particularly sharp with the memory.

I'm a useless trivia kind of girl.


Kids need to know a lot more than the school teaches them, and I'm so disappointed to see how many parents aren't filling in the gaps.

Seems everyone just wants to medicate them, and sit them in the corner with their video games.

Well, thank you.

Thank you to all you useless parents out there.  I'm not mother of the year or anything, but I can tell you one thing....

My kids are going to make more money at their jobs thanks to your kids lowering the bar so much.

Get with the program, people!