Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's just gettin' interestin'

After a week and a half of unstructured days, disguised as "vacation," I am SO ready for school tomorrow.  It's funny.  They're still here.  They don't go anywhere.  But having that structure is so very important to my sanity.  They're busy, and fight less.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I've recently become interested in making my own sauerkraut.  I chopped up and made a few jars of kraut, and put them in my basement to ferment.

After three months in the basement, I opened and tried some.  I am so in love!

Not only with the kraut, but with the very idea of fermenting food.


A couple weeks ago, I bought a gallon of sweet red wine and dumped the mother from my gallon of Bragg's raw vinegar into it, and threw a coffee filter secured with a rubber band on top.  It smells a bit vinegary now, but it still tastes like wine.


This weekend, I ordered some water kerif grains, milk kefir grains, and a kombucha SCOBY.  I am REALLY looking forward to drinking fizzy, effervescent, fermented, delicious drinks.

Water kefir eats sugar in water and creates a fizzy, sweet, healthy drink.

Milk kefir ferments milk into a thick, creamy, wonderful consistency.  You can also use it to make fresh cream cheese.

Kombucha is an oriental, fermented tea.  I understand it has a bit of a vinegary twang, so I'm sure Mister will fall quickly in love.


Tonight I got some french fry cut potatoes settled into a jar of brine to ferment.  They only ferment for three days.  Then you rinse em, dry em, and fry em.

Normally you would NEVER want to cook a fermented food because ferments are colonies of healthful bacteria.  Heating the ferment would kill the bacteria rendering it MUCH less healthful.

French fries, however, wouldn't be french fries if they weren't fried.  The fermentation is supposed to break down the starch and make it more digestible, and it'll add flavor.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Tall was here this weekend.  We had so much fun.  I always laugh myself to tears at least a couple times while he's here.

Friday AND Saturday night we built a fire and spent time outside.  Friday night we fire roasted hotdogs on sticks, and later, marshmallows.  Saturday night wasn't food centered at all.  It was just to enjoy the nice, bug free night, and watch a gorgeous full moon rise through the trees.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The chickies are growin so fast!  And this just in, there was talk of goats at the dinner table this evening.


  1. Hi Elle! I don't know if you remember me - Donna Z from MA? I just wanted to share something with you.... I still write 3 things that I appreciate almost every day, and today I mentioned YOU! <3 and wanted to share it with you:

    What a GREAT day today! I appreciate, love, accept and forgive myself and all others!

    Three Things That I Appreciate Today!

    * I appreciate a woman called Elle from years ago whom I still think of today! I used one of her positive phrasings and posted it in my cubicle - Blooming Where I'm Planted! - along with some really cheerful flower pictures. This affirmation reinforces for me that I am thriving - anywhere, anyplace, anytime! That woman made more of a difference for me than she could possibly ever really realize...she was a kind caring voice over the internet and helped me to change my life when I first started on this LOA/self-realization journey. I've never met her in person and really would love to never know!

    * I appreciate my nephew Tony coming to get me at the train station last night! My phone died right in the middle of our conversation and he knew enough to find the place and time I would be there! He really is a very sweet person, and made my day after the day I had yesterday!

    * I appreciate that the lunches here are decently priced! Maybe I just might buy lunch here rather than carrying it in every day.....hmmm.......

    * One more - I appreciate that I got up and did it all over again today! Einstein says the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. Well, I did the same thing over again today, I expected different results and I GOT different results! It was the same thing, except approached with a different mindset!

    Donna Z in MA

  2. As if I could ever forget YOU, Donna Z!
    It's wonderful to hear from you.
    I am honored by your praise, and am still humbled that little ol' me made such a difference for you.

    It sounds like you're leading a pretty gratitude filled life these days. Me too. Isn't it all so beautiful?!

    Come on by and drop me a line ANYTIME, my friend!