Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wisdom with Age

It's funny to me that we will put on our happy face, and stand in the midst of people even if we know they only smile to our faces.  Even if we know that in reality, they're simply awaiting our next fall, so they may delight in our pain.

I will no longer be a party to such relationships.

I don't believe that blood is what makes us family, and I don't believe that being acquainted is what makes us friends.

If you are my friend, or among those I consider my family, you should never doubt that I am FOR you... because I am.  Even if I don't agree with you.  Even if I think you're being blind or misguided.  Even if ANYTHING... I am FOR you.

I am in support of who you are, who you want to be, where you've been, and where you're going.  I am in support of whatever you need, because THAT is what one does when one is truly a friend, or family.

I expect the same from you.  That's not too much.  Challenge me.  Question me.  But overall, you must be FOR me.  In favor of me and my growth and happiness.

It is freeing to make the choice to no longer subject yourself to people who are openly against you.  To stop trying to please them.  To stop trying to show them who you really are in the hopes that they will come to their sense and realize that... hey, you're not quite what they thought you were.

It's freeing to realize that you want to be happy, more than you want them to accept you.  Because you don't need them to accept you.

Birds of a feather, flock together... and that's not by accident.  We are drawn to other people that we can relate to.  People who make us feel validated in who we are.

I don't know why I spent so long trying to fit in to such a mean little flock.

In honor of my birthday... yes, today is my birthday... 33 ... Only the MOST awesome number... In honor, I give you two of my favorite videos, both of which I feel really belong in this post anyway.

In case there's any question... The big one... yeah, that's me...

And finally... because I am your friend/family... I give you... Validation

Happy birthday to me! Thanks mom, for well... making me. And thanks everyone else for being part of my experience, and helping me to become who I am :)

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