Saturday, July 26, 2014

Best Face Forward

I believe a daily beauty regimen is important.

I've bypassed this daily step for many years because I don't wear make-up or products in my hair.  Recently when I came back to FlyLady, for about the 100th time in 11 years, I made one up.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I have a huge vanity area in my closet.  This is my space.  I think everyone should have a space like this.  For some people, it's the bathroom counter. 

I bought dry erase markers, and I write things on the mirror.  I erase, and write something new at the end of the Master Bedroom Zone.  I'm about to change it tomorrow.... but at this moment, it says.....

We are SO blessed!!! ------------ You are loved! -------- Life is Beautiful

I felt a little corny when I first started doing this, but hey, I think a lot of people would do a lot better in their lives, in general, if they remembered these things every day.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I stand in the mirror, and brush my hair out, and arrange it for the day.  Up.  Down.  Ponytail.  Clip.  Bandana.  Whatever.

Then I use a washcloth, and exfoliate my face with a half n half mix of raw apple cider vinegar, and water.  Just wet one end of the cloth, and gently go over my entire face.

Then I put in some earrings, and put a spritz of my essential oil/water mixture on my face. (good for scent, and good for your skin)

That's it.  Nothing big.  But I feel more confident, and put together.  I feel attractive.  Too many people don't feel good about themselves, on too regular a basis.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I've begun a new nightly regimen recently. 

I spend way too much time with my hands in and out of soapy water, and my skin suffers greatly.

Now, as I head to bed, I moisturize my hands using sea salt, and extra virgin olive oil.  Ohhhh Yeaaahhhh.  It is SOOO the bomb!!!

So whatcha do is put a little sea salt in your palm.... like... 1/4 - 1/2 tsp.  Next you dribble some EVOO into the salt... like... 1 tsp. Then, you just rub.  Rub your hands together.... rub it on the backs... rub it on your cuticles, and nails (not if you have painted nails. this will kill your mani).

I rub really well between my fingers.  The webbing between my fingers will peel from being so dry at times.

When you feel you've rubbed enough, get some straight hot water going in your sink, and rinse your hands.  NO SOAP!!!  We're not trying to wash off the oil.  We're just trying to thin it out, evenly distribute it, and rinse off the excess.

After you rinse for 30 seconds or so, rubbing your hands around, and together.... grab a paper towel, and lightly dry your hands.

Then go to bed, and let all the lovely moisture, and antioxidants soak into your skin!!

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