Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On a Roll Today!

I bought 2 pounds of jalapenos at the store today.  I'm vinegar pickling most of them, but plan on fermenting some.  I'm really looking forward to naturally pickled peppers. MMMmmmmmm...

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


Today is the first day back to school for our boys.  It's been a pretty productive day for me so far.

I made my bed, got some laundry in, and got another load folded and put away.

I got the dishwasher loaded, and running, cleaned up in the kitchen, sliced up 2 pounds of jalapenos, and pickled them. 

As I type this, they're cooling in their water bath on the stove (Yay! Just heard a lid pop tight!)


I've also managed to go through all $70 worth of bulk spices that I picked up yesterday, and place them in labeled glass jars for air tight storage this morning. 

It's not even noon yet.

This is what happens when you're up at 5:45am, and left to your own devices in quiet for the morning.

Next on my list is to take the handful jalapenos that I set aside, and these lovely heads of cabbage, and get some fermented goodness goin' on.

I'm pretty content homeprepping..... I mean.... prepsteading.... I mean.... never mind.

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